29 April 2009

More for the stash

Whilst going to the bank for work, I have to pass the local charity shop. It has become my habit of popping in to see if they have any wool. Today, I came up trumps 4 bags with approximately 500grams of wool in each for £10. Lots of blues and greys which will come in very handy. It's amazing what people put out. Well I'm happy and so are the charity shops ladies. They are also a good source for buttons and needles, why pay full price if you don't have too.

28 April 2009

It makes you feel old

Today is my youngest daughter's birthday, she is 27. The eldest had her birthday on Sunday, she was 29. They have both been bemoaning the fact that they are getting old. I retorted well how do you think that makes me feel having daughters of your age!!

26 April 2009

Weekend's go too fast

Finished this last night, its a 0-3 months waistcoat suitable for boy or girl.

Went shopping yesterday for more wool as I have had a request from the eldest for a cardigan for her friends' baby's 1st birthday, so will get that underway tonight.

Have been out for a 2 hour walk, been to Tesco, now out to move bricks for a path at the bottom of the garden. Lets hope the neck holds out! Weekends just need to be longer.

24 April 2009

So relaxed

Today I have spent a relaxing day at the spa. Well the later part was relaxing the first part was quite strenuous.

Our day started at 9:30 at the Cambridge Belfry Hotel in Cambourne. After a quick tour of the facilities it was changed and into the gym. The girls gave me a few instructions on how to use the machinery and away I went. First the treadmill which I enjoyed, then the exercise bike which was ok for the first 15 mins then my knees started to complain. The cross trainer ran away with me, but apparently it was me doing the said running! Enough I cried and headed off the get changed and into the pool. A few lengths, then it was into the jacuzzi, more my scene. This was followed by a spell in the sauna then off for a sit in the sunshine with a pot of herbal tea. Lunch followed, which was very good we had the healthy option. A short break in the lounge to let lunch digest (it was getting a bit breezy for sitting out in a robe and slippers), then back to the sauna and steam room.

3pm heralded the start of the treatments - first an express facial, followed by a salt and oil scrub, which left my skin feeling silky after a shower. Then this was followed by a full body massage, I couldn't have the full neck treatment as I still have problems in the neck department but the whole episode was lovely. So thank you Rebecca and Tim for my lovely present. And thank you girls for coming with me. We must do it again sometime.

22 April 2009

Finally finished

After running out of wool and a fruitless search in Cambridge this jacket and hat are finally done.

Plants in the garden

Bluebells in the mint

Love Lies Bleeding

Emerging fern

Wisteria on the wall

Just a few plants from the garden. Spring is such a pretty time

Boring ....

I am at work but have nothing much to do, so have got to grips with Ravelry which I joined at the weekend. I'm sure it will be an interesting and informative tool to use once I have the hang of things, and I hope maybe to make some new friends . In fact I've come a long way in the last few weeks in terms of web presence!

I have finished knitting the mint green jacket and hat that I started with other week and I will make it up this evening and display with photo tomorrow.

Have managed to do some gardening without messing up my neck too much, so hopefully I am on the mend at last.

I would love to see any photos of the babies wearing my garments if you would like to send them over, always good to see them being worn.

19 April 2009

Successful Day

Yesterday was a good day, I had my family home, the girls and I went shopping in the afternoon, and I got the accessories for my MOB outfit. Hopefully I will be a vision in navy and silver/grey! Also purchased a very stylish jacket, not something I would normally have picked out, but having 2 pairs of younger eyes with you when shopping is always good. I wore it last night and felt very good.

We spent a very pleasant evening at Browns for cocktails, just enough to be relaxed but no hangover this morning. Followed by a very good curry, can recommend the Curry Garden on Regent Street, very good food and very friendly waiters. Back on the diet today - though did have a bacon sandwich for breakfast!!!

So this morning, I will be wrapping Peter's birthday presents while he and the youngest daughter cycle into town to pick up the car. They are in training for the Oxford to Cambridge cycle ride -89 miles, bonkers if you ask me. The future Mrs Jones and Tim have just left to finish the patio, but me thinks they will end up kipping on the sofa with the cats!

At lunchtime we will sit on our front wall and watch the annual Yester Year Run, as the weather is good there should be a large turnout, I will look forward to seeing some familar faces.

18 April 2009

Lemon Meringue

with no calories. Awake early this morning so finished off this cardigan - 0-6 months in baby acrylic.

17 April 2009

At last

my wool has arrived, normal service can be resumed!


I'm at work, which is a sad affair as normally Friday is my day off. I've nothing to do so am bored, just here to make the numbers up as we have 2 on holiday. I have bought some knitting with me, so will probably get on with that shortly, but don't tell the boss, he's one of the ones on holiday! Highlight of the day will be a trip to the hairdressers to get my roots done and my haircut, have a coffee and a good natter. My hairdresser is a MOB (Mother of the Bride) this year too, so I expect we will be discussing outfits amongst other things.

This weekend sees the annual birthday bash - 3 birthdays within an 8 day period so we all get together, have a cocktail or 4 then out for a meal. This year curry has been chosen so it could get messy. I'll tell you about it next week.

Still no sign of my extra wool, the Easter holidays have really messed up the deliveries, but I'm assured its on its way.

Have a good weekend whatever you are up too - BTW we made up 45m more bunting last night!

15 April 2009

His back was turned

and before I knew where I was, I was out in the garden. Hand fork at the ready. I had planned just to go and feed the roses, but one thing lead to another and a whole bed was turned over. I had been allowed to trim the edges before dinner which had made the neck twinge so you would have thought that would have been warning enough. But no, I went the whole hog and messed myself up again, so I'm tired because I had a disturbed night and uncomfortable as I'm in pain. Will I never learn? I have promised to stay out of the garden, but it is so hard. These pics are some of last years, I will post more when I feel the garden is presentable enough for the camera.... sigh!

14 April 2009

Running out

This weekend has seen me frustrated on a number of counts.

I started a new project on Thursday and had the correct amount of wool needed, or so I thought, but I ran short with a sleeve and edges to go. I went to town on Saturday and was unable to purchase anymore, we have a distinct lack of wool shops in the Cambridge area. So I had to resort to on-line shopping for said wool, and it is hopefully winging its way as I type. So decided to start another cardi and the same thing happened apart from this time I did have another ball of wool but when I started knitting with it realise there was a slight difference in colour, who knew baby white would look different to normal double knit white. Anyway more purchased, again on-line so both projects should be finished by end of the week. Whilst on-line I did actually buy more wool than I needed, so the stash is being added to, its so easy shopping on-line, just click and they deliver. Not as much fun as poking round a wool shop, so come on someone, open a decent wool shop in the town centre.

With 2 abandoned knits, I decided I needed to tackle the bunting for the wedding. Little did I realise when I volunteered to make this... did I volunteer I can't remember, that 200m was so much. With my younger daughter to help we pinned and stitched 45m in 15m lengths, a very time consuming job I can tell you, only 155m to go. But it does look pretty, even if I say so myself.

Frustration number two... was my garden and my neck. I longed to get out there and finally was allowed to do a bit on Monday afternoon, I'm paying for it now but there you go, just have to be little and often. I did however, get some seedling potted up - tomato plants anyone?

9 April 2009

Warned off!

My visit to the oseopath was as expected, painful, and I received a lecture. I am to leave the gardening to Peter until my neck is better, when that will be I don't know. However, it was agreed that I could do small tasks for a short while and no heavy tasks. So as the weekend weather is looking grim, I plan to get on with some knitting.

I have been requested to knit a cardi and hat for a forth coming baby, so am putting aside my on going project in favour of this.

7 April 2009

Working in the garden

Sunday saw me out in my garden, weeding and having a generally good clear up. This duty has sadly been neglected over the last few weeks due to a damaged disc in my neck which has rendered me painfully useless on the gardening front. Needless to say I did too much, and am now suffering for my sins, to the point where I didn't even knit last night. Which is a real shame as I started a cute wrap cardigan in mint and cream on Sunday evening.

I did however yesterday, get my runner bean, butternut squash, winter squash and courgette seeds set in the green house. So all is looking neat and tidy in there. The flower, tomato and pepper seeds I set a few weeks ago are poking their way through and will soon need to be potted on. So a job I can do sitting down. This year we are also trying out some okra seeds, they have germinated ok so we will have to see what kind of yield we will get from them.

Peter planted his main crop seed potatoes yesterday afternoon, his broad beans are coming on well, and it seems the pigeons have finally decided to leave them alone. Shallots are shooting and the salad potatoes we are growing in bags are bursting through the soil, so we will soon need to cover them over again. Growing your own veggies is all well and good, but its certainly a lot of hard work.

I am off to see the osteopath again tomorrow for another beating up, why we pay to have so much pain inflicted I'll never know, they claim its to make you feel better, but I'm not so sure. So no doubt I'll get a right telling off, and warned off any bank holiday gardening! Though looking at the weather forecast I think we will be staying in anyway - so it looks like more knitting or hitting the shops in search of shoes and accessories for the upcoming wedding. More on that later .....

5 April 2009

So tired

So for various reasons I have been up since 3:10am!

Decided to sew up this little cardi and knit a matching hairband, yes I know I could have gone in a spare bed (we have friends staying soon and all the sheets are clean), kipped on the sofa, but no got the knitting out instead. Anyway this leaves me free to start a new project this evening.

We had a great day yesterday. Went to London, did a spot of shopping, sushi lunch, then off to the theatre to see Jersey Boys such a good show can highly recommend it, especially those of you that aren't keen on musicals as this is more like a concert with a story running through it.

Plans for the day...... well the sun has its hat on so I guess, breakfast then out in the garden.

3 April 2009

Introducing Audrey

I'd like to introduce you to the 5th member of our family, Audrey or Poots as she is sometimes called.

This is Audrey helping me with the housework this morning. She soon moved when the vacuum cleaner came out! She was orginally named after Audrey Hepburn but soon got called Poots due to a not so endearing habit. If you've not read the Divine Secrets of the Ya Ya Sisters then you'll not know why. It's a really good read, so take a look

I've add prices and sizes to the blog for anyone that is interested in the baby knits
Right off to make a start on the garden, have a good weekend

Left out

For some reason this little fellow wouldn't upload with the rest, so he gets star billing here! Right enough time taken, must get on with the housework!!

Hopefully a link to my photos!

Good morning, here is a link to my knitwear collection, I hope you like what you see, if you need any info just leave me a comment

2 April 2009

Worked it out.....

Ok so I've worked out how to post pictures. Here is this week's knitting efforts so far. A cute rainbow wool jacket with matching hat and mitts. Suitable for 0-6 months

I have piles of patterns and several stashes of wool in fact, I found a load more that I had put away and conveniently forgotten. Well it doesn't eat anything and the cupboard was empty anyway.... honest. I was planning to dash off some easter chicks but time has run away with me so it doesn't look like I'll manage them, so I'll find another use for the wool. Off now to start a new project

Lets get started then

As I'm new to this blogging lark, you'll have to bear with me. I plan to use this to display some of my interests, one of which is knitting. I love to knit, especially little things, so have accumulated quite a collection. At some point I'll add some pictures, well when I work out how too!

My other interest is my garden which does tend to eat into my knitting time during the spring and summer months, but is a good source of exercise. I will also include pictures of my garden which I consider a work in progress...... so watch this space.