7 April 2009

Working in the garden

Sunday saw me out in my garden, weeding and having a generally good clear up. This duty has sadly been neglected over the last few weeks due to a damaged disc in my neck which has rendered me painfully useless on the gardening front. Needless to say I did too much, and am now suffering for my sins, to the point where I didn't even knit last night. Which is a real shame as I started a cute wrap cardigan in mint and cream on Sunday evening.

I did however yesterday, get my runner bean, butternut squash, winter squash and courgette seeds set in the green house. So all is looking neat and tidy in there. The flower, tomato and pepper seeds I set a few weeks ago are poking their way through and will soon need to be potted on. So a job I can do sitting down. This year we are also trying out some okra seeds, they have germinated ok so we will have to see what kind of yield we will get from them.

Peter planted his main crop seed potatoes yesterday afternoon, his broad beans are coming on well, and it seems the pigeons have finally decided to leave them alone. Shallots are shooting and the salad potatoes we are growing in bags are bursting through the soil, so we will soon need to cover them over again. Growing your own veggies is all well and good, but its certainly a lot of hard work.

I am off to see the osteopath again tomorrow for another beating up, why we pay to have so much pain inflicted I'll never know, they claim its to make you feel better, but I'm not so sure. So no doubt I'll get a right telling off, and warned off any bank holiday gardening! Though looking at the weather forecast I think we will be staying in anyway - so it looks like more knitting or hitting the shops in search of shoes and accessories for the upcoming wedding. More on that later .....

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