30 June 2009

I'm back.....

yes back from my hols. Had a lovely 2 and a bit weeks in Montcabrier, France, lots of sunshine, walking, eating and drinking. Read 6 books, no knitting, forgot my Simply Knitting and Knitter magazines, so have them to read and also the new ones that were on my door step. Managed to come home without any yarn, though to be honest only saw 2 lots and they didn't inspire me.

I am pleased to report that the walking we did whilst away counteracted the eating and drinking so managed to come home the same weight as I went. So ladies if you want to stuff your face with bread, pastries and cheese and drink lots of lovely wine, then you have to do LOTS of aerobic walking! We walked 102 miles over 9 days, mostly woodland pathways, up and down hills, I'm sure more ups than downs, but the views were lovely and it was all worth it. I will post some pictures another day.

Must say I did have a few knitting withdrawal pangs towards the end of my holiday, but plenty of time to mentally plan some projects. I still have the first chicken coat to finish then on with a few more. Trouble is I find it hard to knit when its so hot. Plus my garden has gone mad whilst we were away. The youngest who was kindly house sitting cut the grass and kept the baskets and greenhouse watered but all the borders have gone berserk! So the garden must come first.

7 June 2009

Another one done

This is Sugar Plum Cardi - 6-12 months, knitted in Patons Smoothie in a pinky lilac with a fawn accent on the yoke. I found the button is Peter's granny's old button tin, source of many interesting buttons.

I will be having a break from knitting for a bit, as we are off to France on Thursday for 2 weeks. So looking forward to chilling out and catching up on some reading and hopefully not putting on too much weight! Oh the cheese, wine, pastries.........

Home and dry

as the title says, we managed the whole weekend without getting wet.

Unfortunately it was very cold which kind of spoiled the whole outdoor theme of the event. After a very sleepless night on Friday we ended up buying a cheap duvet on Saturday to supplement the sleeping bags, so at least we were cosy last night. As we were awake early we decided to pack up and hit the road before the weather set in and only encountered a few spots before making it home. As I type it is chucking it down, so thanks to the birds for the early alarm call! A visit to my parents was added to the weekend, which turned out as a nice surprise for them, especially as we encountered them in their local Sainsbury.

5 June 2009

Latest request ............

would you believe jumpers for battery hens! Well I'll knit anything I guess, so watch this space!

4 June 2009

Morning campers

Yes, this weekend we are camping and the weather looks like this

I am hoping they have got it wrong, as the weekend weather has changed several times over the last few days, so who knows. We are off to Norfolk for the Grumpy Old B*******'s (GOB) Harley Rally, which will be noisy, boozy and goodness knows what. There will be bands, ride-outs, walks and a hog roast, and as its in fairly close proximity to my parents I will fit in a visit, in fact if it rains I'll more than likely sleep there too.

Started a new knitting project - Sugar Plum Cardi, another Sublime pattern which I've done before, which I'm knitting in Patons Smoothie yarn in a dark pinky/lilac colour. It knits up really quick, completed the back and a front last night. Not sure if I'll take it this weekend, not sure that knitting and Harley rallies really go hand in hand, but then I could start a new trend, maybe Harley beanies, now there's a thought

3 June 2009

Request finished

Last evening I finished Frou Frou for Sophie and I'm very pleased with it.

It is knitted in Sublime baby cashmere merino silk 4ply, beautifully soft. Not the cheapest of baby yarn but worth it for a special occasion. I hope the little miss looks lovely in it. Hopefully she will send me a picture which I can share with you.

My neck this morning though feels like it is made of steel, I guess an evening of making up with my head bent didn't help, still never mind, have an ice pack on it at the moment, and trying to decide what to knit next. So many choices, so much yarn!

2 June 2009

Working late

Today I have to stay at work until 5pm, not so bad I hear you say, but it is when I normally leave at 2:30. Also I am in sole charge of the showroom as the designers are on training and the boss has got a golf competition!! I have two fitters in working on a new display so at least I have a bit of company. They are currently sat in the sun eating chips from the shop next door. They smell lovely but I won't be tempted.