6 September 2009

Funny sort of weekend

Another weekend has come and nearly gone. Not sure that I achieved alot.

Went to town on my own, as Peter and Rachel were out training on their bikes. Picked up my new glasses which are making me feel sick, they feel so much stronger than my old ones plus I have to get used to bi-focals too. Called my mother to discover my father was in hospital again, problems with his 2nd round of chemo. Cut back some ivy, grape vine and creeper. Went out for dinner with friends to the Backstreet Bistro, very good.

Today we drove to Norwich to visit my father in hospital, took my laptop so I could show them some of the wedding pictures. Dad seems bright as usual and is hoping to come home tomorrow.

The newly weds are on their return journey home currently in Nairobi airport awaiting their 11pm flight. It will be good to have them back and hear all their news.

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