27 October 2009

Walking away the winter blues

now we have changed the clocks it is at least a bit lighter in the mornings again, so Rachel and I have resumed our early morning walks. I must admit I had missed the walks over the past few weeks, but also enjoyed that 40 minutes extra in bed with a cup of tea and my book!

Peter and I will be walking more at the weekends now that the garden isn't taking up so much time, mind you we are clearing leaves presently; for those of you that don't know our garden we are surrounded by trees and they all want to dump their leaves in our garden! I still have some summer bedding to clear and some winter bedding to put in. The hedges need trimming but I fear we may be too late for that now, so a job for the spring. The veg patch needs a tidy too, so maybe there is still a fair bit to do!

Currently on my needles - just finished the striped two piece and am busy sewing it together, the only problem with stripes is all the sewing in of ends, not a job I enjoy. I also have a 2nd pram blanket which I can pick up and put down when I like. I have so many projects whizzing round my head, so much yarn in my stash, but not enough hours in the day

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