1 November 2009

Radio 2 Live: Jamie Cullum - Maida Vale at 75

Yes, Friday night saw us at the Jamie Cullum show recording for the Maida Vale at 75 anniversary. We were in the small audience, just 75 pairs of tickets were given away + about a dozen people on the guest list. It was quite exciting being at a live recording, especially when they played in Sally 'Traffic' and the end of the Chris Evans Show, and then the news, then US, lots of clapping and whooping. The recording was just a short interview by Kate Thornton, followed by 4 songs that made up the half hour show. Fortunately for us he hung around for a bit and played some more songs.

Following the recording we went for dinner at a Persian restaurant called Kish on Kilburn High Road, so much food... I just couldn't do it justice, my stomach must have really shrunk. We then went for a drink at a pub just over from our hotel where we were entertained by the clientele..... a group of elderly Irish people who had been in the pub since lunch time, the language was quite ripe and one of the old men looked like he'd clearly wet himself! A young women who was steadily drinking to hide the fact that her 'date' was late, he did finally turn up with lots of apologies! Then there were a couple of sad looking blokes propping up the bar, who were clearly never going to pull, even if they were the last men on earth, so it all proved to be a highly entertaining evening.

Oxford Street beckoned in the morning, headed straight to M&S at Marble Arch, actually didn't get as much as I'd hoped, skirt, jumper, necklace, jeans and a rugby shirt. We did venture into John Lewis where I tried on 'the dress' I'd worn in the photo shoot, somehow it just didn't look the same with hair that looked like my finger had been in a socket (its goes mad when its damp outside), minimal makeup and I just couldn't justify spending the £149 on a dress I have no occasion to wear.

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