6 December 2009

Bah humbug

yesterday I went Christmas shopping. The shops were heaving, the assistants ignorant, the shops over-heated and under-stocked, making it a truly miserable experience, I will be doing the remainder on the net, soooooo much easier.

I also found out how to become invisible - I went to a meeting of the local knitting group - I have never felt so unwelcome in my life. I was more or less ignored when I turned up. I introduced myself, they just said hi and carried on their conversations. I sat down got my knitting out, they carried on, one asked what I was knitting then turned her back. Some other arrived said hi to everyone, me included, but never asked my name or introduced themselves. In fairness the lady that sat the other side of me did introduce herself, chatted a bit then got into conversation with others beside her. I tried to introduced topics, but had them hi-jacked never coming back to include me, so in the end I gave up, sat with my knitting, alone in a group of about 15 women. When 4pm came round I packed up put on my coat, said good-bye, not one person responded. Needless to say I won't be returning. Thanks Ktog Cambridge.

So as you can see yesterday was a real write-off

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