1 December 2009

When things go wrong.......

We seem to be having a few problems with items in our house at the moment -
Firstly the freezer section of my Maytag started making crackling noises and warm air started to blow out of the bottom section. I emptied it and left it running whilst at work, it was good and cold when I got home, and all seems ok now!

Last night Peter ran a bath to find no hot water, the boiler had been on for 5 hours, only the washing up water had been run-off and the heating was working ok. This morning there is a tank of hot water after the boiler only having been on for 1 hour – so what was the problem there?

Our wood burner appears to be giving off fumes, can’t seem to find a problem with that either, but it’s making our eyes and throats sting.

We have rats back in the kitchen ceiling – the poison has been laid so hopefully they will take the bait and go away!! Either that or could they please put on quieter shoes!!

And would the house gremlins please go away and leave us alone

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