31 January 2010

They go too quick

This weekend has been about eating, laughing, blisters, bruises, cold walks and of course knitting.

The eating, Yippee noodles on Friday, crumpets toasted on the fire and weekend meals cooked by Peter - eagerly awaiting my roast beef and yorkshire.

The laughing, we went to the theatre to see 39 Steps, not normally a comedy but this adaption was 4 actors playing 132 parts, hilariously funny, if you get the chance to catch it do.

Blisters from my new walking boots, and bruises from not looking where I was going!

Cold walks - lots of icy puddles to smash, takes me back to my childhood.

And lastly knitting - making a play mat - pictures will be posted when finished.

Hope you had a good weekend too.

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