28 February 2010

An update on the update.....

The Pixie Coat is finished.

I really like the colour, works very well on this unisex jacket, which is a 3-6 months size.  Also 6 pairs of white cotton bootees completed, calling it a day on those.  Now plan to raid my stash to knit another comfort blanket, feel in the need for some mindless knitting. 

Hope you've all had a good weekend, as I write Peter is making a Thai chicken curry and rice for dinner, I like the weekend when he takes over the cooking..

26 February 2010


The Little Pixie jacket is still in pieces..... and still half a hood and the bands to do!
5 pairs of cotton bootees completed, another pair on the go, actually found 3 more patterns in my files and have enough cotton yarn to knit them.

No plans for the weekend, apart from maybe a bit of shopping tomorrow and of course knitting. Have a great weekend whatever you are doing

23 February 2010

The Good Granny Guide

I was given a copy of this for my recent birthday, so am duly reading it for tips on how to become a good grandmother.  15 weeks to go and counting.  What to be called though, that is the question. We already have a Grandma and a Nanny courtesy of the Mrs J's grandmothers, so you add just a 'great' to them and they are happy.  Both Nana and Granny sound old to me, and I don't really see myself as a Grandma.  Mrs J has been calling me Granny Sue for a number of weeks and I must confess its growing on me, so I think Granny Sue it will be, or old bag or whatever else the child decides to call me as it gets older.

I'm currently knitting up white cotton bootees, seeing how many pairs I can make out of the cotton yarn in my stash.  Still haven't finished the Little Pixie Jacket, half a hood and the bands to do, itching to start another Comfort Blanket.

The Monday Craft Group is going from strength to strength, one of the girls presented me with a large rectangle of garter stitch, asking what she could do with it, so we knitted up a long strap and turned it into a bag.  She went home very happy, wearing said bag and yarn to knit another.  I feel very pleased about the way they have taken to this skill and the enthusiasm they show for it.  The group has just been given a sum of money that will secure its future for the next 12 months and allow us to buy much needed supplies.

19 February 2010

Comfort Blankets are my favourite at the moment.....

I have knitted this blanket for one of the girls in the Monday Craft group, I hope she likes it.  Its such an easy knit and the results are good, well I think so.  You can knit it with any yarn/needle, start with one stitch and just keep increasing til its the width you want then decrease down the other side.  I've added a bit of detail to one corner and added the large daisy as we know its a girl.  Pattern available here for free Diagonal Comfort Blanket. I now need to finish the Little Pixie Coat that I started last week, before attempting anything else!  But with so many patterns out there the temptation is so great.......

15 February 2010

Another year older

I've had a brilliant weekend.

Saturday we went down to London with our friends Judy & Stephen, the day was spent, chilling out, catching up, sightseeing, followed by an evening at the O2 watching Mr Clapton & Mr Beck in concert - what a show!  Nearly 3 hours worth of really good blues music, very good value for money.  Though Eric what's with the longer hair?

Sunday (my birthday/Valentines) - we parked up long Hyde Park and had brunch at the Serpentine Bar & Kitchen - can highly recommend this, lovely atmosphere, fresh cooked food and lots of it.  We then wandered over to Traflagar Square and spent some time in the National Protrait Gallery, which was fun, especially when you can poke fun at the the old pictures and realise that some people were really fat then, so not such a new problem.  On to Chinatown to watch the New Year celebrations, Lion Dancing and the like, too full from brunch to attempt anymore food. 

My day was rounded off with a visit from my youngest and a call from the eldest - tea and toast in front of the fire along with some very good cheese which we purchased from Neals Yard cheese shop in Covent Garden.  All in all a great birthday weekend, got some lovely presents too.

9 February 2010

Sense of achievement

Last evening was the first knitting session of the Youth Offending Craft group which meets every Monday  - it went really well even if I say so myself.  Five young girls, all a bit sceptical about knitting - "its for grannies" was the cry.  By the end of the evening I had all five knitting, three took to it very quickly, achieving a great deal without too much help, the other two plodded on, never minding when I ripped their work out and started them off again, even the mid session break for 'a fag' was cut short as they all wanted to get on.  I hope they left with a good feeling (I know I did) as well as their yarn, needles and notebooks.  I don't expect they will pick it up again til next week, but I'm willing to be surprised.  A big thank you to King Cole Wools for their kind donation. 

I'll keep you posted on their progress

6 February 2010

What shall I knit next?

Its been a busy day, we managed 3 hours in the garden (and actually got out yesterday too), though cold and damp finally forced us in, toes and fingers were suffering.  I've baked a banana cake, roasted beetroots, prepared dinner - cottage pie, and spent the afternoon finishing off the playmat, which I'm very pleased with - its aran weight yarn, padded with polyester wadding and backed in a striped cotton fabric.  May actually give myself the evening off......

5 February 2010

Awake early + rain = Friday

Good morning, yes up before the lark! Awake since 4:15, up since 5am, checked my email, Facebook and Ravelry so now time to update my blog.

Plans for the weekend? The plan is I have no plans, which is actually quite nice.  So apart from getting my hair done this morning, a free weekend lays ahead - apart from the usual washing and housework.  On the subject of hair, at what age do you decide to give in and go grey gracefully?  I get my roots done every 6 weeks, me thinks it should be sooner than that, I'll have to have words.  But honestly, when do you decide enoughs enough? My husband and daughters say carry on, but for how long?  I don't want to end up one of those sad old ladies with an obvious dye job.

The rain has put paid to any hopes of getting out in the garden, I have so much clearing up to do, a quick look round earlier this week shows a few snowdrops peaking through and the aconites are putting on a show in the border on the drive, other than that it looks sad and neglected.

On my needles
- making up samples for Stitched Up - the knitting part of the girls craft group starts on Monday, hope they all behave and don't stab anyone with the needles
- playmat -making up the last of the applique flowers then I need to sew them all on, wadding and backing
Whatever you do with your weekend, have fun, I'm sure I will.....