9 February 2010

Sense of achievement

Last evening was the first knitting session of the Youth Offending Craft group which meets every Monday  - it went really well even if I say so myself.  Five young girls, all a bit sceptical about knitting - "its for grannies" was the cry.  By the end of the evening I had all five knitting, three took to it very quickly, achieving a great deal without too much help, the other two plodded on, never minding when I ripped their work out and started them off again, even the mid session break for 'a fag' was cut short as they all wanted to get on.  I hope they left with a good feeling (I know I did) as well as their yarn, needles and notebooks.  I don't expect they will pick it up again til next week, but I'm willing to be surprised.  A big thank you to King Cole Wools for their kind donation. 

I'll keep you posted on their progress

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