2 March 2010

Is Spring on its way?

I don’t know if you have noticed but the mornings are getting lighter. I lay there yesterday with the light peeping through the curtains thinking, must be time to start those early morning walks. Got into work to find an email from the youngest saying that she thought we should start walking again. Obviously a case of great minds… this morning at 6:30 found us wrapped up warm, there was a frost to embark on our first morning walk of the year. It was lovely, good to be out bright and early, only draw back was that part of our normal route was flooded so we had to back track. The normal dog walkers were nowhere in sight so obviously the local dogs have been getting a later walk/or no walk whilst the mornings have been dark.

My garden is showing signs of new growth, lots of snowdrops and the hellebores are budding up nicely. We have a large amount of bird life, in particular pheasants, 2 cocks and 7 hens taking refuge from the local farmer who breeds them for the shoot. Someone should tell them that shooting season is over and to give my borders a rest. They seem very partial to the bulbs that are coming through especially the bluebells! They also scare the life out of you when you are walking in the garden, rather than keep quiet they fly up making one hell of a noise, don’t know who is more frightened them or me.

So all in all it looks like spring is finally on the way, more of this sunshine please. We’ve had our fair share of wet stuff in one form or another this winter. Though what’s the betting there will be a hose-pipe ban this summer….

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