7 October 2010

Out with the old ......

today has been the annual cull of the youngest's wardrobe!! She likes clothes, lots of clothes, she also likes to hang on to clothes, lots of clothes. I have managed to convince her out of 3 bin bags full, one was just shoes and boots alone.  All her clothes are now nicely sorted, all her work clothes in one side, coats in another, casual in another.  The middle section of her wardrobe has all her bags, sports clothes and craft stuff neatly stacked and tidy.  She even has her own yarn stash, in fact more yarn than she realised, obviously taking after her mummy!  After lunch we attacked her garden, cleared her veg patch and got the grass cut.  A busy and productive day

Tomorrow we are off to Ally Pally for the Knitting and Stitching Show, we expect some stash enhancement to take place (more on that another time), we will round the day off in Green Lanes for a lamb kebab, the husband is jealous..........

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