2 October 2010

Staying with Granny....

We have had the pleasure of Rufus and his mummy staying over last night. We've had lots of cuddles, he was such a good boy. Slept in his travel cot from 7pm to 4am, then was fed, changed and back to sleep by 4:30am, then awake at 7:15am. We got to have early morning cuddles too. Rufus comes with lots of baggage, how does one little boy need so much stuff?

The poor cat is still beside herself, not only was there Rufus and Beck staying over, Rachel was here too, along with 2 guys fitting our new wood burner. Audrey's normal place to hide is the barn, but we were all out there, I got the girls to sort all their stuff which they have stored for years. She keep stalking around sniffing and won't settle, she really hates her normal quiet house being taken over. Not sure how she will cope once Rufus starts running around. Leave home I would think!
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