7 November 2010

Rufus 20 weeks or never to young to wear a poppy

Yesterday we got to spend the day looking after Rufus whilst his mummy and daddy decorated their bathroom. We had a lovely day; we spent the morning walking around Stamford, Rufus slept most of the time. Back home for lunch, then out again after a bit of a play. We walked over to Burghley Park to see the deer, Rufus managed to stay awake, in fact decided that he no longer wanted to sit in his pushchair so we took it in turns to carry him, Pops taking the lions share, good bonding time I say. Its amazing how heavy a wriggly little boy can been, we should have taken his sling, log that for next time.

As you can see Rufus is wearing his poppy with pride, a cute addition to his hat
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