9 January 2011

Will we still be able to do this in 10 years time?

...... that's what the husband just asked me.

Clearing up the garden that is. We have just spent the morning raking up the leaves that fell just before winter arrived, its the first decent day when we have both felt like getting out and doing something and the garden has been in a condition to walk on.  A good mornings work, the green bin is full, we have bags of leaves to dispose of, the compost bins are full to over-flowing.  The borders still need to be tidied but thats for another day.  My right hip and elbow are paining me, a couple of pain killers should hopefully sort that though.

So in answer to his question I'm hoping that yes indeed we will still be able to do it, but that it will get done in smaller doses as we will have retired by then.  God that makes us sound old!!

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