23 March 2011

Doesn't the sun make you feel better

You will be glad to know – or not, that I am feeling much better. I took myself into work on Monday which was a big mistake, as I ended up feeling horrible. Decided to give myself a day off yesterday – what a lovely day it was too. I pottered around doing odd jobs and enjoying the sunshine. This really has been an odd bug though – feel sick if you don’t eat feel sick when you do, it’s like having a lump in your throat the whole time. Rennies have become my new best friend! Well those and mint tea.

The delivery of celotex arrived yesterday afternoon ready for my workers this weekend. Our plasterer now can’t start til 26th April, which is a bit of a blow, but it does allow us time to get on with the outside jobs.

The neighbours popped round yesterday to discuss their new fence; it appears that a hazel tree on the boundary line – which blurred many years ago - is right in the way. Peter had cut it well back in the autumn leaving a low stump and they offered to remove it so they can put up their fence. When I say they I mean there daughter – she may be in the army but it’s not really a job for a girl. Anyway she set to and was hard at it when Peter got home. Being the gentleman that he is he got stuck in to help. By 5:45pm they realised it was a much bigger job than first thought but have it well exposed. Light failing they called it a day. I’ll take so photos when I get home so you can see said tree stump. We will end up with a pond size hole when it comes out, not that I want a pond in this position. It will be lovely to have good fencing along this part of our garden, as for years it’s been rotting willow hurdles held up by ivy which invades everything – the previous occupant had a thing about ivy, it is everywhere and our new neighbours are fighting a constant battle against it. The whole area has been a “no grow zone”, so I look forward to planting it up.

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  1. I'm glad that you're feeling better! It sounds like a big project, but one that will be well worth it. Who wants an ugly stump in their lawn, right?


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