18 March 2011

Stitch & Craft Show - confession time

What a lovely day we had yesterday, Rachel picked me up around 8am, we drove to Stuart's flat and parked then walked through to Huntingdon train station where we were in time for the 9am train. Arrived in London at 10am. Caught the tube over to Olympia which is a bit of a trek, especially when you are too busy talking that you get on the wrong train, who knew that 3 different lines used the same piece of track?
We eventually got there around 11am, first stop the ladies, then coffee. We had already spied Black Sheep Wools on the way in with their usual huge pile of yarn packs, so knew we were in for a bargain! A quick look round the lower ground floor then elbows sharpened we headed into the melee. The good thing about having Rachel with you is that she is happy to wade into the pile, and was soon retrieving packs of yarn for the other ladies. As you can see from below I scored 3 packs of Sirdar Click Aran with wool. I have no plans for any of it but as it was £12.99 per pack which is half price I felt it would be a good addition to the stash - all 3,240 yards of it - thats 1500grams - oh dear more in than out this month, unless I pull my fingers out.

In addition to the yarn I picked up some embellishments and also some craft ribbon which was another bargain at 3 meters for 25p each, all suitable for christmas projects. A couple of packs of glass headed pins completed my haul for the day.

This show doesn't have the same element of knitting as the one later in the year at Alexandra Palace, but was much better than the last time we attended.  There was an exhibition of knitted art headed by redindian aka Sue from Ravelry which was amazing, they normally exhibit their work at the Customs House South Shields, very talented ladies.

Once we had had our fill of the show we headed out into the sunshine and walked up to Kensington High Street, then hopped onto a bus to Piccadilly Circus/Leicester Square where we decided it was time for a bit of fortification, 2 large white wine and soda's and a packet of crisps. We talked nonstop all day.  For dinner we decided it had to be Gerrards Corner in China Town, we go here all the time when in the area, there are so many other resturants in China Town but the one time we went "off piste", we were disappointed so Gerrards it is.Posted by Picasa

Our homeward journey was delayed somewhat by a "one-under" - London Transport's term for a platform jumper - what makes someone do this?  Anyway, we managed to get our train with a few minutes to spare and Peter was waiting for us when we arrived back at Huntingdon. 

All in all a lovely day out, which was my birthday treat from Rachel.  I am so happy to have this type of gift and also to be able to spend time with my daughter, I feel truly blessed that my girls are happy to spend their valuable time with me - thank you.

We are now off to spend time with Beck and Rufus.

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  1. From Facebook

    Cherry Smith Sounds like you had a fabulous day & I was just thinking how lovely to have that time with your family, as for the wool you will use it wisely and produce yet another masterpiece!x
    19 March at 09:46 ·

    Sue Speechley thanks Cherry, hope you are feeling better now, and that Nick is ok, sorry to hear his news
    19 March at 11:24

    Kathleen Porcaro Burke sounds fabulous! The show sounds like the Rhinebeck wool and sheep festival we have here in NY. But in any case or anywhere, spending time with your daughter is the best!
    19 March at 13:07


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