8 March 2011

What do you have on yours?

Pancakes that is.  Its lemon and sugar for me everytime.  I'm fairly traditional when it comes to the good old pancake, though I do like to drop a few raisins into the pan with the batter, my mum always does this.  Peter, he likes nutella or golden syrup or maple syrup depending on his mood.  Mrs Jones made us pancakes for breakfast on Saturday, she did American style which we had with bacon and maple syrup, very good, but to my mind a whole different meal.

We won't be having our Pancake Day today as we are off to see Paul Carrack at the Cambridge Corn Exchange tonight, so will have dinner in town.  I'm favouring sushi so will more than likely head for Yo Sushi if we have time.

So whatever you have on your pancake enjoy and don't eat too many


  1. My children always liked the treat of a few chocolate chips in their American style pancakes, but favorite of theirs and all the friends they very often brought home were German Apple pancakes with a sprinkle of sugar. Now I'm hungry. It's breakfast time here..perfect timing.

  2. From Facebook
    Pauline Hornsby It's got to be lemon curd. I can't stand the crunchiness of sugar.
    08 March at 14:00 ·

    Megan Macdiarmid sugar and lemon for me
    08 March at 16:22 ·

    Sue Speechley lemon curd sounds good Pauline, may give that a try tonight
    09 March at 14:33 ·

    Sarah Crapo Searle Well, those type of pancakes in your picture (which we call english pancakes) I like butter, powdered sugar and lemon juice. :) That's the way mom taught us to eat them.
    09 March at 15:59 ·

    Sue Speechley just eaten far too many, couldn't go with anything other than the lemon and sugar though
    09 March at 19:19


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