17 July 2011

If you're happy and you know it..........

that has been the theme for the weekend.  Rufus has been staying with us this weekend while his parents had a well earned rest; actually they went to a wedding in Cumbria and we had the pleasure of our young man. We had forgotten just how exhausting a 13 month old child can be, but so much fun too. 

The weekend started on Friday when it was my usual week for looking after him.  I picked him up and dropped his mum off at work.  We drove home, a new experience for me, as first time alone in the car, luckily he dropped off to sleep, so you tend to forget they are there.  First stop before home was to do the weekly shop in Tesco where he charmed all the assistants, he was very good, no fuss just sat happily in the shopping cart. We did the usual things when we got in, unpacked, went to the park, made lunch, sat and looked at some books, the day passed.  Aunty Rachel came for dinner and Pops was very pleased to be clapped in by Rufus - its his new trick, he claps at everything.

Bath time and bed went well and he slept until 6:15am on Saturday - we had been awake since 4:30!!
Watching Cbeebies on the laptop with Pops

The boys were reduced to my magazines - well you have to get them interested in crafts at an early age

It rained for most of Saturday. Aunty Rachel came to stay over so there was plenty of help amusing the small boy. The garden room came into its own, it makes being indoors so much more fun and not like being in the house. We did manage to get to the park for a while - the child is fearless, Pops is not used to this!!
Another bath and bedtime went fine, can you believe that 3 adults could feel so shattered! Nothing a large drink didn't put right.
And so to Sunday. An earlier start 5:20am - how tired do we look?  We took him home at lunchtime. I admit to feeling very sad as I packed his little bag.  We were pleased that we handed him back in one piece, the responsibility of someone elses child is immense and I don't think we would ever take that for granted. We enjoyed our time with Rufus, I think he enjoyed it too. 

We've had lots of cuddles and that little face just breaks your heart no matter how tired you are Posted by Picasa


  1. I bet my smile is as big as yours from just reading your post!

  2. Rufus is so sweet! (and of course my mom already commented on this :). Your daughter is lucky to have you close!


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