10 July 2011


Yesterday's party was for my fathers' 80th birthday, which is actually not until Tuesday, but as they live away from here we decided to do it a few days early.  My brother Andy managed to get my parent's down for the weekend, and over to ours on the pretence of seeing Rufus, and was completely unaware that we were having a party. My brother Bob and his family (Anne, Lauren & Jorden) came too, along with Dad's older brother Ken - we were pleased that he could make it as he's not been too well lately and we've not seen him in a while.  Also there was my mother in law Anne and her partner Pat; Mel, Andy's partner and their son Charlie along with the girls, Stuart, Tim and Rufus. 

The weather was kind, we had the odd spot of rain but managed with the garden umbrellas. Rachel made another lovely cake, top tier only showing above (they'd eaten the bottom before I got the camera to it), this time she made white chocolate frosting which we all actually preferred, and topped the cake with strawberries, cherries and blackcurrants. Mel kindly made the desserts - the tiramisu was to die for and very boozy!

It was good to see everyone, we don't get together that often, life gets in the way and weeks and months go by so fast.

I think everyone had a good time and plenty to eat.  Peter and I are wading our way through the leftovers, why do we always cook so much?

Today we've had a quiet day, nice walk to St Ives and a pint.  Another weekend nealy done and over

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  1. Your dad is a handsome and young looking 80! Sue, The garden look so beautiful in the backround!


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