13 September 2011

A year in Provence.... well 2 weeks

We are just back from our holiday in France, we've had a great time, the weather was wonderful, apart from the odd moment but well into the high 20's low 30's degree centigrade.... phew a bit hot at times!!

Our base was Montagnette, Barbentane, which is just outside Avignon, we stayed in a lovely villa which was a real home from home, beautifully equipped, clean and roomy, which I would highly recommend if you are looking for a base for a family holiday.  Each bedroom had its own facilities which was great, no queueing!!

A very hot walk - can you spot the yarn shop bottom right

The Abbey St Michel de Frigolet

Market Hall in Avignon

The villa and gardens - include view of house from 'our mountain'

Of course there a hundreds of pictures of this little man!  His new favourite is his bicycle seat, off to the bakers, then back for his second breakfast

Day in Avignon before the thunder storm

More Rufus, well why not - all the fun of the fair in Graveson village, plus a sit in a lorry, he seem to do this a lot, the boy is obsessed with all things mechanical, tractors being his favourite

Barbentane village
Fete day - bull running in the street (controlled by horse) then the bull fight - well not really a fight, more wind the bull up, try not to get a horn up your bottom and get a tag on the horns, you need to be very athletic!  Rufus loved this until the 'bull' hubby says they were heifers came over the wooden barrier.  I think he enjoyed the sugar crepe in the interval more.

We also went to the market in St Remy (huge) and then on to Arles but I forgot our camera. It was good to share the holiday with our family, I hope they enjoyed it as much as we did, though the 4 days we had on our own was very quiet. I did manage to get 2 books read but only 6 rows of knitting done - far to hot. 
Drunk far too much wine, ate too much bread/cakes/croissants, so back to being good now, but then what are holidays for..............
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  1. -So beautiful
    -one can never have too much wine..or cake either
    -I know a place where Rufus can play on a tractor all he wants

  2. /what a great travelogue! such a good idea to use those montages of pictures, too. It looks like a happy time for all of you.

  3. Your vacation looks fantastic! I love seeing all the photos.


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