21 October 2011

Brynwood Giveaway.......

Yesterday I arrived home to a parcel from the US. It is always lovely to receive a parcel and even lovelier when I opened it and found not only my Pumpkin Bread T-towel, but other gifts too.

The lovely and talented Donna of the Brynwood Needleworks blog had included a sweet bag of candy corn - which I need to hide from hubby, a dates book, a Breast Cancer friendship bracelet and a picture postcard of Tag with a kind message.

Thank you so much Donna for your generous gifts and I promise to make and post about the bread. If you need inspiration to take up crafting then check out Donna's blog she is one gifted lady and has a way with words too. 

Thanks again x

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  1. It is always lovely to receive gifts from friends. I hope you enjoy your bread and candy corn! Yummy.


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