21 November 2011

Nothing like your own bed!

Its true, there really is nothing like your own bed, especially if you've not slept very well for 9 nights and have a cold. I was so glad to climb in to bed last night.

The weather was kind, and we enjoyed our stay in Southwold again, even though we were in for a few surprises.  Firstly, the lovely farmhouse family kitchen had been changed for a cold, generic, modern one, so much wasted space and we felt the heart had been taken from the house. Secondly, the 2 book shops have closed and taken over by High Street names and the secondhand book shop by an upmarket childrens clothes shop.  Most of the independent retailers have gone now, so you could be in any street in any town.  Sad. This is the second year that I have come back from Southwold with a cold, perhaps I just didn't drink enough beer, or maybe I ate too many butter buns

Rufus enjoyed his time - trying out the beach, pier and amusements

We did lots of walking - see the red hats

Checked out the tractors - that boy can spot a tractor/digger/lorry a mile off!

any idea what Peter is holding - they look like white mussels or maybe they are some kind of barnacle?

Remembrance Day Parade - Rufus enjoyed watching the band

In other news -
My god daughter Chloe had her baby on 13th November, a girl, Amelie.  I've seen a few photographs, very cute.  Congratulations to Chloe and Liam and welcome Amelie.  Also congratulations to the new Grandparents - Judy & Stephen - have fun

More baby news -
I learned last week that my brother Andy and his partner Mel are having another baby - a girl this time - sister for Charlie - such fun I get to knit girly things for a change.  Congratulations to you all.

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