17 December 2011

can you believe

that tomorrow Rufus will be 18 months old.  He is getting to be such a big boy, he chatters and copies EVERYTHING you say........  We had fun yesterday, I love to watch him play, quite happy to amuse himself.  The dexterity is also amazing, watching him put together the nuts and screws from his work bench, pile things together, working out how items work.  He also has a little temper - gets that from his Mummy - when he doesn't want to do something he sure lets you know!

He helped me make up his parents bed with fresh sheets, ever tried putting on a fitted bottom sheet with a toddler sat in the middle, he thought it was great fun, me not so.  He helped load the washing machine, though you have to watch what buttons he presses! We also had a very cold trip round the market but a few Lincolnshire Plum Bread samples helped; I can't actually get passed the stall now without him creating, so I felt obliged to actually buy a loaf yesterday!  Very good it is too.

Taking pictures of him now is getting harder as he won't keep still so you end up with lots of blurred bits, thank goodness for digital cameras is what I say.  I just click away and hope for the best.

We are so looking forward to Christmas Day with him, though I have a feeling present opening will take some time, as I took up a pre-Christmas gift from Aunty Rachel yesterday and he was more interested in the wrapping paper than the book it contained.  It was good paper though, had lots of hungry caterpillars on it, so we spent ages finding the caterpillars amongst all the other fictional characters - she got the paper in Waterstones

BTW - Can you see the beautiful stockings that Rebecca made for them all


  1. Too bad arranging a play date for our grandsons would be a bit difficult. Looks like so much fun Sue. I will be doing the same this afternoon.

  2. Sue, your blog has completely disappeared from my feed, even the back posts. And the headers, everything. Have you made changes, perhaps? and can you reinstate me, since there's no place I can find here to follow you, that's gone, too.

    If you sign me up as an email recipient, that would be great. Thank you, I miss your posts! Boud, Liz


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