13 February 2012

Health update and more for the stash

Readers, I have managed to drag myself into work.  I ventured out yesterday to do a grocery shop, and that's about all.  I feel better than I did, but unfortunately not so Peter.  He has been to the doctor this morning, who then sent him off to the hospital for a chest x-ray.  He has antibiotics and gets the results tomorrow.  We are hoping its not a reocurrence of the pneumonia he had a couple of years ago when he last had a bad chest.  We will have to see. 

We have Beck and Rufus here again for a few days whilst the builder puts in the new stairs.  Poor Rufus is not well either, so we all make a great crowd coughing and spluttering.  I have never known us all to be so poorly.

I paid my daily visit to the local charity shop this afternoon and relieved them of 3 bags of yarn they were just putting out. 

600 grams of Sirdar Denim Sport Aran in blue

150 grams of Sirdar Silky Look also in blue

200 grams of Patons Pearl Double Knit in yellow and a 380 gram bag of a green yarn which looks like double knit - no labels on that. My stash really didn't need it but as the whole lot only cost me £9.50, I felt it would be a crime to leave it.  The green yarn will get used on my ten stitch twist rug.  The rest will get put away for some future project. The pictures were taken from Ravelry as I couldn't be bothered to get my camera out.

I started another baby cardigan with matching hat yesterday its, Belle from Patons Nursery Days, doing this one in a pale peach double knit.  Pictures to follow along with the completed Lucy Cardigan

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  1. Buying that stash must have made you feel much better than all the medicines anyone could have given you. Good to treat yourself, also good not to pass by such a bargain.
    Love Pauline x


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