29 March 2012

In the mood............ finished

At  last I hear you cry!!  So the details:

Short-Sleeved Cardigans (In the Mood) by Sirdar Spinning Ltd - published in the Simply Knitting magazine issue 79
Sirdar Country Style DK - 300 grams - this yarn is lovely and soft, though it did have odd bits of white and black running through which I managed to tease out, missed a bit on front edge before taking photo but gone now.

I am now working on finishing the ten stitch twist by the weekend then I can start some new projects, I've stuck to my plan not to start anything new during lent, but have a pile of patterns just waiting to cast on.

Here it is Joan (-:

28 March 2012

WIP Wednesday - a meeting missed

Today was my fortnightly meeting of Knit Lits at Huntingdon Library, unfortunately I was unable to attend due to an accident on the A14.  After 45 mins sat hardly moving, I managed to get to a junction by 1:55pm where I could get off and go via another route, this would have taken ages and the meeting was due to start at 2pm, so I cut my losses and went home and spent the afternoon sitting in the garden knitting. I had been struggling with the fact that I would be shut indoors all afternoon so wasn't too disappointed.

Anyway, my In the Mood cardigan is nearly done, just 9 rows left of the front band, sew on a button, sew in a few ends, done

Whilst in the garden I planted some raspberry bushes, and checked out the greenhouse for some seed action

My boxes this year contain soft fruit -
raspberries, blueberries, black currants and strawberries



Dwarf beans

Sunflowers just poking through

25 March 2012

What a difference a cut makes

The boys head off for some more beech leaves

After lunch fun - I got in the photos for a change

Time to go home - but a quick last game of cars

and then the real work started - looks better doesn't it?

Viewing our labours and the late afternoon sunshine
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24 March 2012

Starting them off young

A heron using the trimed willow as a look out post in the fog this morning

Trying out the Harley.  He really wanted to go out on it!

Discussing the work to be done

We be diggin

Few beech leaves to clear

icky......bury the wiggly worm 
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23 March 2012

Its Friday......

the start of the weekend.  The sun is breaking through the early mist.  I have a day to myself.  I am going to visit a friend I've not seen in a while for a catch up.  Plant seeds - overdue.  Do a bit for gardening. And basically please myself.

Here are my WIP's. I never got round to posting on Wednesday, couldn't be bothered to take the photographs plus I had been out all afternoon chatting with my sister in law Mel - she has her baby in a couple of weeks.... exciting!

Ten stitch twist - just started the last round 

In the Mood cardigan - two more pattern sets then neck shaping, sew up and do bands

Plans for the weeekend? Our little man and his mum are coming to stay so that will be fun. 

Have a great weekend whatever you are doing

19 March 2012

Weekend Review

Happy Monday, the sun is out and the birds are singing. 

It was a good weekend, starting out on Friday with the Creative Stitch & Craft Show at Olympia.  I bought yarn, 1500grams of Sublime Baby Cotton Kapok in shades Milkshake, Beaker and Tin Soldier - thats cream, pale blue and mid blue. Have plans for some of this so it won't by languishing in my stash for long.  After the show we headed over in the direction of Traflagar Square to the Texas Embassy Cantina for happy hour (2 hours) - margaritas were had, many margaritas were had, they were sooo good. Not sure what I ate, something in wraps with beans and rice, I do know that Rachel finished it off.

Sluggish start to Saturday, but we went over to Ely Market picked up flowers for the various Mum's for Mothering Sunday, then popped in to my brother's to see my Mum - her and Dad were down for the weekend.  We had some rain so gardening was out.

Sunday dawned bright and dry so after breakfast in bed - cooked by hubby, we headed out into the garden for a few more hours clearing up.  Then a walk up to the youngest's for afternoon tea, which was lovely, scones and jam, coffee and walnut cake and tea in bone china cups and saucers, very civilised.

I missed Rufus last week due to the show, but hubby went to look after him, they had a good time, and he did manage to get a few photos.

15 March 2012

Factoid & Quote of the day

I've not given you a factoid or quote for a while, so these on are my calendar for today -

1892 - The first escalator was patented

The greatest pleasure in life is doing what people say you cannot do

I am still plodding on with my cardigan and ten stitch twist, the urge to start something new has never been greater but I am still resisting

Stitch & Creative Craft Show at Olympia tomorrow - all that lovely yarn to squish and buy...........

13 March 2012

All buttoned up

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Picked up at my local charity shop today, for the princely sum of £5 ($8) the lot

11 March 2012

My 3 day weekend - relaxing - no

The front garden has been cleared of weeds, the blocked drain sorted, creeper removed. All looking tidy.

Driveway cleared of weeds, but need to put weed killer down as they keep coming back.

The wood bought back from Stamford last week has been dealt with, our wood supply has been significantly increased.
The borders have started to be tackled. Went a bit drastic, some of the shrubs had got so overgrown I just decided to have a clear out. Now have lots of empty spaces to fill. We went to bed with ibruprofen, and as we were able to move this morning and the sun was shining, we went straight back out too it!!

The pretty bits

Some 'after' bits

The 'too do' bits and that doesn't include the veg garden )-:

The leftovers, all put through the chipper to make more space.  Green bin also full
The reward - after 3 days of gardening, we deserved a bottle of wine in the sunshine.
If the weather stays fine I will be back out tomorrow after work, I have the bit between my teeth and just want to get it all done now.
I even managed to get some knitting done too.

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9 March 2012


I find myself with a 3 day weekend and no plans, the first time in months.  I have plenty of jobs that need doing, but can choose to do them all or nothing at all.............. now that's what I call luxury.

A few snowdrops as they are still coming through

Hope you all have a great weekend whatever you are doing

7 March 2012

WIP Wednesday

another Wednesday comes around and I'm still working on my In the Mood cardigan and my Ten Stitch Twist. Nothing new has been started. I'm not sure I will press on with the socks, these will either go into hibernation or be frogged.

The In the Mood as you can see is coming along, back and sleeve completed, left front up to neck shaping. I would really like to have this out of the way by next Wednesday or at least Friday so I can show it off.

On the reading front - I am currently reading Sister by Rosamund Lupton which I am enjoying, then after that my book club read is The Elegance of Hedgehogs by Muriel Barbery, which apparently has nothing to do with prickly animals.  I sometime wonder if they give books odd titles just to make you pick them up.

Last night I went to the cinema with my youngest to see The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel, a very enjoyable feel good but thought provoking film.  Not sure I fancy going off to India in my twilight years, but it certainly looked better than some of the alternatives - old peoples retirement developments? Tell me why would you want to live with a load of other old people?  I hope I am able to stay in my own home for as long as possible, but even if I'm not I'm sure I would prefer to downsize and be in the community at large.  I'll let you know if and when the time comes.

With that I'll let you go off to enjoy some other WIPs with Tami and Yarn Along

5 March 2012

Mad March Walking

Its March, and the mornings are getting lighter. 

The youngest and I started our early morning walking again today.  It was grey, it was windy, it was cold.  I wished I'd stayed in bed, but once out it was ok and I felt much better for it by the time we got back. Hopefully those pounds gained over the winter months will start to shift themselves.  Mind you, it would help if I stopped eating too, but how can you cut down on the calories when the weather is so cold.  Friday and Saturday were so spring like, then yesterday winter returned, we had rain all morning, followed by sleet and snow in the afternoon. 

As I say Mad March. The weather yesterday did however allow me to get on with some knitting. I am well into my In the Mood Cardigan - the back, and one sleeve completed, sleeve two cast on and ribbing completed, 7 pattern repeats on left front completed and soon to start the shaping for the next. 

The "no new projects during Lent" has been kept too, though I do have several patterns sorted for future projects, which was nearly as satisfying.

If you are into photography, can I point you to Daffodil's Photography Shop you will be sure to find something you like.  Kate is doing a giveaway on her photography site so as I say check it out. Kate also writes a really good blog - where you will also see more of her great pictures, in particular of her beautiful sons. 

3 March 2012