23 March 2012

Its Friday......

the start of the weekend.  The sun is breaking through the early mist.  I have a day to myself.  I am going to visit a friend I've not seen in a while for a catch up.  Plant seeds - overdue.  Do a bit for gardening. And basically please myself.

Here are my WIP's. I never got round to posting on Wednesday, couldn't be bothered to take the photographs plus I had been out all afternoon chatting with my sister in law Mel - she has her baby in a couple of weeks.... exciting!

Ten stitch twist - just started the last round 

In the Mood cardigan - two more pattern sets then neck shaping, sew up and do bands

Plans for the weeekend? Our little man and his mum are coming to stay so that will be fun. 

Have a great weekend whatever you are doing


  1. Have a Happy Day, my Friend!

  2. OOoooo! Both the Blanket and the cardigan look beautiful! I really like your color choices in both!

  3. You have some wonderful projects going! I cannot wait to see how the cardigan looks when it is finished! I love the pictures as always!

  4. As good as your photographs are, they never show how good your knitted projects really are in the flesh. As usual, they are beautiful and I love the flower in the centre of the circular blanket. Hope you had a good time with your friend and also some happy gardening. Our garden is what we call a 'wildlife' garden in that it needs (and gets) little maintenance. The only flowers are wild ones or perennials, the remainder of the flora being shrubs or trees. Looking forward to seeing your finished projects. xx


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