11 March 2012

My 3 day weekend - relaxing - no

The front garden has been cleared of weeds, the blocked drain sorted, creeper removed. All looking tidy.

Driveway cleared of weeds, but need to put weed killer down as they keep coming back.

The wood bought back from Stamford last week has been dealt with, our wood supply has been significantly increased.
The borders have started to be tackled. Went a bit drastic, some of the shrubs had got so overgrown I just decided to have a clear out. Now have lots of empty spaces to fill. We went to bed with ibruprofen, and as we were able to move this morning and the sun was shining, we went straight back out too it!!

The pretty bits

Some 'after' bits

The 'too do' bits and that doesn't include the veg garden )-:

The leftovers, all put through the chipper to make more space.  Green bin also full
The reward - after 3 days of gardening, we deserved a bottle of wine in the sunshine.
If the weather stays fine I will be back out tomorrow after work, I have the bit between my teeth and just want to get it all done now.
I even managed to get some knitting done too.

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  1. You have such a lovely garden. I'm simply amazed at how much you got done in such a short amount of time, perhaps we should call you super Sue!

  2. More wonderful pictures. Can you please tell us the secret of where you get your energy from?

    We have but a small patch and it is all mainly wildlife friendly though we haven't got a pond (yet). Our efforts seem to be appreciated as we have seen a hedgehog in the garden on three consecutive nights. Just wish the bugs would live in the bug house and the bees in the bee house and the birds in the nesting boxes, but we can't have everything. At least we have very many feathered visitors which bring us a great deal of pleasure, especially as we have a camera focused on the bird bath. It's infra red, and that's how we can see the hoggy when it's dark.



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