19 March 2012

Weekend Review

Happy Monday, the sun is out and the birds are singing. 

It was a good weekend, starting out on Friday with the Creative Stitch & Craft Show at Olympia.  I bought yarn, 1500grams of Sublime Baby Cotton Kapok in shades Milkshake, Beaker and Tin Soldier - thats cream, pale blue and mid blue. Have plans for some of this so it won't by languishing in my stash for long.  After the show we headed over in the direction of Traflagar Square to the Texas Embassy Cantina for happy hour (2 hours) - margaritas were had, many margaritas were had, they were sooo good. Not sure what I ate, something in wraps with beans and rice, I do know that Rachel finished it off.

Sluggish start to Saturday, but we went over to Ely Market picked up flowers for the various Mum's for Mothering Sunday, then popped in to my brother's to see my Mum - her and Dad were down for the weekend.  We had some rain so gardening was out.

Sunday dawned bright and dry so after breakfast in bed - cooked by hubby, we headed out into the garden for a few more hours clearing up.  Then a walk up to the youngest's for afternoon tea, which was lovely, scones and jam, coffee and walnut cake and tea in bone china cups and saucers, very civilised.

I missed Rufus last week due to the show, but hubby went to look after him, they had a good time, and he did manage to get a few photos.


  1. Glad you had good day out & Peter & Rufus enjoyed themselves, he is changing again a proper big boy now. Sleepover with Amelie went well - a very good girl.

  2. I am pleased you enjoyed the Show at Olympia and that it was worthwhile going. Buying yarn that is already spoken for doesn't count as stash so you haven't broken your pledge for Lent. :-)

    Glad the rest of your weekend was a good one. You certainly live life to the full!. Pxx


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