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16 May 2012

WIP Wednesday

 Not too much progress on this one

 This one has been changed as my daughter wanted something plainer - same pattern just less pattern if you get my drift

Now at the scary part of my quilt. Do I put the binding on before stitching in the ditch? - any advice would be appreciated

I also have those squares on the go from last week too - next magazine has arrived but no time!


  1. I stitch everything and put the binding on last...except when I am tired of the stitching and just go a head and put the binding on, fold the quilt lovingly across the bed and tell myself that I will get back to the stitching 'someday'.

    All of your projects are lovely always!

  2. Super beautiful projects! I agree with MarmePurl. I always bind quilts after I do the stitching.

  3. You are such a talented woman! Can you send some of it my way??

  4. I love the quilt! And that first one looks interesting - are you knitting around in a spiral?

  5. I can't offer you any useful advice on the quilt - but it is very lovely!

  6. Your quilt has turned out well. It is beautiful. No point my telling you anything about quilting though - I know not. Some of the girls will be able to help you tomorrow. I wonder you find time for anything with all the gardening you do, looking after Rufus and all else. The cardi is delightful. Take care. xx

  7. I'm not an expert but I used to do quite a bit of quilting before being bitten by the knitting bug- I always do all the quilting first before the binding- the school of thought being that there could be a little bit of shifting with the quilting. Looks beautiful!

  8. I'm so blown away by how beautiful the quilt is turning out! All that hard work is definitely paying off though. I also love how you are knitting something in white, I think that people should really do that more often.


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