28 July 2012

Thank you

Just a few words of thanks for all the lovely messages on here, Ravelry, via email and text, on the birth of Laurie.  I thought my heart was full when I first met and got to know Rufus but its now fit to burst; and just because I can, here is another picture of "my boys"

PS: did you see the Opening Ceremony of the Olympics?  I was up early so have just watched the re-run, pretty spectacular.  That will be it on the Olympics front as I don't "do" sport.


  1. So very precious! And a very heart felt congratulations!

  2. Be as proud as you like, Sue, and share as much as you like. Your posts always bring joy to all who read them. xx

  3. Where have I been and how did I miss his arrival!?! Many many congratulations, so pleased to hear he is safe and well, and utterly gorgeous!!! xxx

  4. Congratulations! What a lucky grandmother!


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