31 July 2012

Travelling Tales - Part 9

Our two days in Dallas at the Crossroads Festival was amazing.  What we saw of Dallas didn’t appeal but the main reason for going was the concert.  Two days of blues music, our ‘seats’ were on the field meaning that we actually didn’t have a seat, but we were able to sit about 20’ from the stages, so had a tremendous view. The weather played ball until the last hour when a tornado warning was issued, they started taking the set down around the artists and ZZ Top played out with rain and thunder!

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Week 6 – heading back to Amarillo to rejoin Route 66. We stopped off at the Cadillac Ranch then on to Adrian for the midway point – this was a day of cross words and tears – well we had to have some after 6 weeks 24/7!! 

Ended the day in Santa Fe.  Woke with a thick head; too much vodka but friends again. 

Onwards through Albuquerque, where we had brunch at the Red Ball Cafe. 

We picked up some serious wind towards Gallup, it felt like my nose was full of rocks, by the time we hit the Arizona border it was awful, sand blowing everywhere.  We ended the day in Holbrook at the Adobe Inn and a few beers cleared the dust from our throats!  

An unsettled night due to an alarm going off in the room above us, so an early start.  Breakfast in Flagstaff, a chillier day but at least the wind had stopped. Ended the day early in Kingman, so we could do some laundry and clean the bike.

We left Kingman and made our way up into the mountains, lots of hairpin bends, livestock in the road, wonderful views, burros.  Arrived at Oatman – a real wild west mining town but now a tourist trap, wild burros in the street, after a few photo opportunities we hit the desert floor again – hot hot hot. 

66 flattens out into California just desert, Joshua trees and deserted towns. 

At Victorville we picked up the mountains again, great views, cool breezes and sweeping bends,  we ended the day in San Bernardino, so that we could make an early start for Santa Monica in the morning.

We arrived in Santa Monica and found the end of Route 66 easily

– it had been an interesting 2 weeks – quite sad to see all the abandoned communities

but also good to see that some places were still making a go of it and trading on the tourists.

We spent the day checking out the beach and pier once the sun came out and generally had a lazy day before heading out on Pacific Coast Highway 1 for our next stop.


  1. I've always wanted to see the Cadillac Ranch, it is such a neat landmark! I suppose it is easy to forget how much there is to see in the US when I live here!

  2. ooooo...getting close to Monterey. ( 8 years too early!)
    I don't think I would have lasted 6 weeks befor cross words. You're good!
    ZZ Top has to be the loudest concert I have ever been to. What a Fun trip.
    (how's the new little guy?)

  3. As before, your travelling tales leave me breathless, and full of admiration for you and Pete. I wouldn't have lasted six minutes on a motorbike, not even with Dave, let alone six weeks! Looking forward to the next instalment.


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