16 July 2012

Weekend review - a weekend with Rufus

Its been a mixed weekend weatherwise - rain in Stamford on Friday but dry at home, so I was pleased to be able to let Rufus out in the garden once we got home.  Saturday - wet, what a miserable day. I am so pleased we have the garden room, as it at least feels like you are out of the house.  Plenty of room for Rufus to play and run around.  He did however decide to have another go at knitting.  I hope that this interest continues, it would be great to be able to teach him my craft.

These are the hats I've produced this week, and I promise to write up the patterns and share.

Sunday was a totally different day. Dry and lots of sunny intervals, we managed to get loads of jobs done.  I had planned to go to Fibre East but decided that I'd rather spend the day with my husband and grandson.

Here they are mending the rotavator - he actually looks like he knows what to do

Next he decided to service his tractor

A ride on the Harley in the drive

and this is how much my husband loves his grandson - letting him help wash the Harley (its his pride and joy).  Believe it or not he actually stayed dry through the whole process

And because the sun was out - some flowers from the garden that have survived the rain

In case you are wondering it's RAINING AGAIN.  Is there no end to it!!



  1. I wish you could see how huge my smile is!

  2. It's doing it again! Your garden is exploding with amazing color! This may be my favorite spread of garden photos yet! Also, I'm loving the hats, they all look fantastic!

  3. Great photos! Love the boys working on the cars :)

  4. I always enjoy you collages. The flowers are brilliant, and the Rufus is just too much! Love him working away and helping with the bike. So you've been enduring the rain and we've been melting in the heat, honestly I don't know which is worse (since they both stink!) Glad you got your time in while you had the chance.

  5. These pictures are so great! Such a cute little guy, pretty flowers, are cool hats! Looks like a great weekend indeed :)

    Thanks for linking up with us!

  6. Another full weekend for you, Pete and Rufus. You certainly have your priorities right. family and home first, and what a lovely family and a lovely home and garden. Your pictures and family stories are always a joy. You just cannot appreciate the feelgood factor your posts give to all all read them. And keep Rufus busy with the knitting needles. maybe another Kaffe Fassett or Brandon Mabley or James Norbury in the making.


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