9 August 2012

A bit of stash enhancement today

My daily visit to the local charity shop has provided me with some new buttons today. It is such good value buying buttons this way, and you can usually find something a bit different too. I particularly like the large peach shell buttons, and also the larger of the navy ones.  I feel a bit panicky to think what I might be missing on a Friday and Saturday when I don't work and also the fact that I am off work next week..... though I think I'd rather be playing with my grandsons.

Not just buttons - this yarn has been sat there all week and I decided if it was still there today I would buy it.  380grams of what looks like an Aran weight for £2.50.  I didn't need navy yarn, but it looked so forlorn on the shelf all by itself, I decided it just needed to join the rest of the stash in my new yarn cupboard.


  1. Nice button haul! I really like those blue sort of speckled ones.

  2. That's the best part of your new yarn vault...adding to it!
    (I'd rather be playing with my grandsons too)

  3. Beautiful buttons! I like the green-and-white ones.

  4. I claim the large blue/black (?) ones with the ripples as my favorite- how fun!

  5. You got those at a charity shop? Woah! I'm seriously impressed, you can hardly ever find stuff like that here.

  6. Those buttons are serious bargains. Good idea to buy them when you see them. Same as the blue yarn. With two grandsons on the grow you will need as much yarn and as many buttons you can find! Apart from Huntingdonshire Society for the Blind's shop, the charity shops in Huntingdon don't sell patterns, yarns and the like. Though I must go back to the Curiosity Shop in the High Street as a few years ago they did have some carded buttons and a few patterns.


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