16 August 2012

Time flies

Can you believe Laurie has been with us 3 weeks already?  The time flies but in some respects it seems like he has been with us longer. This past week has seen him suffering with colic so the evenings and nights are not very settled, hopefully this won't last too long and his mummy can get some much needed sleep

We introduced Laurie to his activity mat which seemed to go down well.  Especially with Rufus who insisted on trying it out too

This busy boy is so difficult to photograph these days, but I love him to bits nevertheless.  Just sleep in a bit later - please!


  1. Little boys love to line things up. Hope you get caught up on your sleep as well.

  2. I always found it tough to get pictures of the second child without the first one popping into the picture. Hope Rufus is handling this new addition well. They're both so cute!

  3. I'm glad that they play so well together. Those photos are so wonderful!

  4. What a beautiful little boy! Seeing a baby that small makes me even more excited to meet our little girl :)

    And judging by the Lego collection, his big brother would get along very well with my little boy :)

  5. Glad Rufus and Laurie are getting along well together. Rufus looks as cheeky and active as ever. Enjoy your time together. I hope Laurie gets over the colic and that Beck can have some rest.

  6. precious! nice to see they cooperate. i never did when my little brother, three years younger, was born.


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