23 September 2012

French Leave

Le Touquet was the base for our weekend break.  The weather was mixed - Friday dull, Saturday sunny, today WET.  Here is a pictorial account of the weekend, enjoy

Practice Air Display on Friday

 Oh the food shops

Empty Market Hall on Friday - and flower shops

Pretty displays

The architecture

They do love their cakes and chocolate

and fish!!  So many fish shops in one town

Market on Saturday

Such lovely things....... 

What a difference a day makes - Saturday and Sunday - and a bit more Air Display

As befits the weather - Etaples Military Cemetery - 8000+ commonwealth soldiers and air men mainly from the 1st World War, a sobering experience


  1. Ah I love air shows, that is what I get for being raised in an aviation family. You have the most fantastic weekends, they are so full of adventure, it's wonderful and inspiring. I especially like the cake shop, everything looks so yummy!

  2. what an impressive air show! i've only been to very few in my life but they've always left me in awe.
    it looks like you had a really nice time this weekend!

  3. You travel to the most interesting places!
    We are back home... I will catch up on further blog reading when I catch up on everything else.

  4. The weather may have been a little gray, but you found wonderful colorful things to photograph. What a charming place. The architecture is really interesting and all the shops!

  5. Wow, what an amazing trip. Those food shops are incredible!

  6. I'll miss the fish but pass me the cakes and chocolate. Seriously, it looks as though you had a wonderful time, as usual. Your pictures are always amazing. The houses are so beautiful, not at all like the "little boxes" we see over here on modern housing estates. Did you fine any yarn shops?


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