5 September 2012

New WIP and an unexpected visitor

What shall I give you first?  OK, the unexpected visitor - Pauline its one for you!

Rachel and I went for our early morning walk as usual,  when we got back we were talking and she moved nearer to the lounge area, "Mum the cat has pooped on the carpet".  Lovely I thought, when we looked it wasn't just one bit but lots all along the skirting.  On closer inspection I knew at once it wasn't cat but hedgehog poop!!  She went, I cleared up and Peter and I had a quick look round the lounge and couldn't see anything.  He went to work whilst I washed the kitchen and scullery floor, it had been in there too, I also found a few spines confirming yes it was a hedgehog.  I then did a closer look round the lounge and found this fella curled up fast asleep behind a fire screen which I keep in the corner

I panicked, how do I deal with this, I couldn't bring myself to pick it up so I called Peter and made him come back home to remove it.  Luckily he only works 2 miles from home and had gone on the Harley so he popped back and removed it to the garden.

Here it is all curled up in a ball.  I left it for 5 minutes and when I went back it had gone.  I can only assume that it wandered in last evening for the cats food, we do get them in the garden.  Just wished it had been a little better house trained

Now the WIP - its a little dress for a colleague of Rachel, they have a baby daughter due at some point this year.  I am using some unknown 4ply that I got from the charity shop a while back.  The pattern is Little Sister Dress by Tora Froseth.  The ten stitch blanket is awaiting Rachel's new car so I can see how big to finish it, as she wants it for the front passenger seat - to keep off the sticky fingers etc of all the kids she carts around.  So thats it for today.  Off to get my hair done.


  1. Cute little rib pattern.

    Also a cute hedgehog, but I'm sure the mess wasn't cute. My daughter had a bat get into her apartment two nights ago. It woke her up because it was crashing into things. She was pretty freaked out. She couldn't get it out, so slept the rest of the night with her bedroom doors closed and probably one eye open! Animal control came and got it the next day and will test it for rabies.

  2. Cute little thing! But, he does belong outside. Especially since he made a mess.

  3. Love the dress, the colour and the design. Will you be bringing it on Thursday?

    Hedgehog poo isn't nice as it can be smelly. To pick up a hoggie, throw a folded towel over him then approach him from behind and hold the towel against his flanks. As you lift him wrap him in the towel. Stops the spines pricking you and keeps him immobile. Then put him into the garden, remove towel and walk away. Might not be the preferred way of the experts but it worked for us.

    He certainly made himself at home. Just as well it wasn't later in the year and he found somewhere cosier to make a nest to hibernate.

  4. I've never seen a hedge hog up close and personal- I don't think I would be brave enough to try to move it. We had a crow get in once and I locked up and left until the husband could get home.

  5. What an adorable hedgehog! Too bad he announced himself the way he did.

  6. A hedgehog?? Oh my goodness, and asleep having a nice little respite in your house!! :) Don't you just love gods creatures? They all have such amazing personalities! Your knitting is looking spectacular!

  7. adorable little hedgehog! i'm glad to see he was let out safely so he could go home! sorry about the mess, though, i'm sure if he knew where to put it he'd rethink it, haha.

  8. You are so much calmer that I would have been.

  9. Oo my! So adorable! I've never actually seen one before, I love how cute he is when he is all rolled up! I'm excited to see how this brand new project comes out!


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