10 September 2012

Weekend roundup

Wasn't it a beautiful weekend.  Sun everyday, high temperatures, just perfect weather.... for a change.

Friday was housework day. I had to be home as we were having the loft insulated, so I took advantage of the day and got some jobs done, you know the ones you put off.  Cleaning windows, dusting, ironing.

Saturday, after having our eyes tested we headed over to Stamford to see the boys; we were getting withdrawal symptoms. We had a great day and finally got some time with Laurie when he was awake.  As usual my camera came with me.  I only took 275 photos, so here are just a few.....

No I'm not going to wake up!

OK - happy now
Love the top right - looks like he's saying do you want a fight

Laurie is a very contented little boy.  When I say little he's not so.  He weighs in at 12lbs 13oz at 6 weeks old.  Rufus was this weight at 12 weeks.  There was only 10oz difference at birth.  I think mum is producing some good quality milk there!

We took Rufus down to the park to let off steam, I'm not sure who had more fun.  Lots of playing on the equipment and hiding in bushes.  The afternoon was made up with the appearance of the air ambulance on the park.  I have never seen a little boy so excited.  The big boy was pretty impressed too.  Luckily the child that had the accident was deemed not too serious and was taken off in an ambulance, but we got to see the helicopter take off too.  

Cool dude in his new sunglasses

think Pops was having as much fun

fun with sticks
Waiting for take off

Our boys

Sunday was spent out in the garden, having a bit of a tidy up before it got too hot. Peter made a start on the wood store, few glasses of cider, made a decision on a family holiday for next year, bit of knitting, generally a good day.  

So that was our weekend.  Hope you all had a good one


  1. What fun! No grandkids here yet. It must be wonderful.

  2. Definitely a wonderful weekend, I'll bet the mother of those two little guys is very happy to have you two around to help out sometimes. So sweet! Thanks for sharing!

  3. HAPPY, HAPPY for you! What a great weekend. Smiles all over on this end.

  4. Could those boys be any cuter? Fabulous photos!

  5. All three of your 'boys' look as though they were having fun in their own way. How do you find time to join in, taking so many photographs? Glad you had a wonderful weekend.


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