23 November 2012

My November garden...... its a mess

After days of rain I finally managed to get out in the garden.  The high winds have bought down the leaves and the last of the cooking apples.  The birds have been making the most of the windfalls, so I left those on the ground so they can finish them off.  The borders are bedraggled and very wet, it is going to take a while to get this all cleared up.  I spent 3 hours out there, the green bin is full, I got wet sleeves and a stiff back but I have made a small start.  The weather for the weekend is not looking too bad for Sunday, so we will see how much more we can get done.  Saturday I am off to the The Sheep Shop for a Beginners Crochet Class, wish me luck, I really want to make granny squares.

Here are a few collage of the garden

The mess

Still a bit of colour - love the Mahonia (that's the yellow spikey one if you don't know)

Figs that won't come to anything - cooking apple anyone? - Do you like my wellies? I have a red pair with white stars too
Have a great weekend


  1. There is nothing more sad than seeing produce that won't amount to anything, that frequently happens with my mother's dwarf banana trees. I'm excited to see how the granny square class goes, interestingly enough I just learned how to make them a few days ago. Great minds think alike!

  2. My yard needs some serious work too, but I think it will have to wait until the spring. I have run out of gardening enthusiasm for this year. I hope you are able to get everything accomplished in yours that you need to. Enjoy your crochet class!

  3. I just HATE the combination of wet or damp weather with the now golden or brown remnants of greenery. It's so depressing. Even worse when fruit or flowers have not matured. I think you were brave to even try gardening in those wet conditions. Ours will wait until the weather improves. At least it looks as though the sun is shining when you took the pics.


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