29 December 2012

He can melt your heart......

 Rufus that is.  He stayed over with us yesterday and as I was tucking him into bed last night he looked at me and said "I love you lots Granny".  To say I was touched was an understatement, he is such a dear little boy.

We had kept back one of his Christmas presents as it was all getting a bit overwhelming on the day, so he got the opportunity to enjoy his present without the distraction of everything else.

Not sure which 'boy' was having the most fun!
We then went on to a bit of knitting and then making a sleigh from a card board box and using a china dog for his reindeer. Amazing what fun you can have with yarn and a box

Making pancake batter - he wanted pancakes for lunch and why not?!

Laurie's completed jumper, this should last him for a while.... I hope


  1. Smile, smile, smile!!!
    The reindeer dog had me laughing.
    And the pancake making had me missing mine a bunch.
    Hope you enjoy the rest of the visit!

  2. So cute. I think it is great that we adults get to play with the toys that our children and grandchildren get, like enjoying your childhood all over again. I love those sweaters you knit with the initials. If my intarsia was better I would be making those for my nephews!

  3. What a lucky boy Rufus is! Its so lovely seeing how much you love each other!

  4. Pancakes for lunch sounds quite good to me!

  5. He is so sweet. What a fun toy and great imagination!


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