16 February 2013

Everyone likes a bargain

As you may or may not know it was my birthday on Thursday.  I got a super new lens for my camera, which will allow me to take photographs of Rufus, without him hopefully noticing.  He has a real problem with cameras these days,  unlike his little brother who just loves the camera. In fact I can sneak up on all the family! I plan to go out and try the lens around the lakes and garden tomorrow, weather permitting. I also got a new carrying case and spare battery, all very handy.

see the pretty nails

Check out my beautiful birthday card from the boys.

 And so to my bargain.  Rachel and I were in Dunelm this afternoon and she spotted this book.  I had been planning to buy it on Amazon the other week, then talked myself out of it.  So was pleased to find it here for £5.00 reduced from £19.99.

Imagine my surprise when I got to the checkout to be charged just £1.00 for it!!!  I even asked the cashier if she had made a mistake and she said it must be my lucky day.

I see lots of Fair Isle knitting in my future


  1. Happy birthday! You got a great bargain on the book. I have that book, and I love to look at it, but I haven't done any fair isle yet. It's on my "learn to do" list. Happy knitting!

  2. Wow! That was a birthday present for sure, what a great deal. Love the family pictures. There'll be no stopping you now with your new lens.

  3. I see a lot of book borrowing in my future

  4. Happy birthday! That was an amazing deal on the knitting book. Have fun with your new camera lens!

  5. a bargain indeed! I thought I did ok when i got a book recently for $4 reduced from $30!

  6. Happy birthday! Love the new blog layout. Alice Starmore's books are worth it for the pictures alone :)


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