20 March 2013

The boy wants orange

Work progresses on the square cornered Ten Stitch Blanket for Rufus in orange and the Baktus scarf as mentioned here.  

I don't like the yarn that I used for the centre, so decided to hide it with his name.  The letters were knitted from a Simply Knitting supplement.  I'm having to play with the colours as I am running out of some of the yarns, we may end up with some more brown in here too.  I worked out I should have just enough of the dark yarn to go round once more.  It will be approximately 32" square once I've finished the current round; each completed round adding 6", this blanket will fall short of the size I normally make, 54" square, unless I can find some other shades to add to it.  Still its a work in progress and only for his playhouse so I guess it doesn't really matter.  As I said the boy wanted orange, so orange he is getting.

Not much progress here, though I plan to take this to Medway Craft group tomorrow, nice to have something simple when we are chatting.

My latest issue of Simply Knitting has arrived - my plan for the afternoon is feet up with a cup of tea and my magazine, its raining so gardening is out of the question.  For more WIPs go to Tamis or Yarn Along

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  1. Oh, I bet Rufus is super excited to know that he's getting his orange blanket! I really like the name applique, too. I bet he'll be over the moon for it.

    1. Thanks, I hope so, he will get to see it this weekend as he's coming to stay

  2. He will love his name being on it! I just love seeing the colors flow from the center.

  3. The orange looks great, as do those letters!

  4. The knitted letters are wonderful. They'll add such a special touch, too.

  5. The orange is working out well; just wondering why there were objections. Rufus's name is a stroke of genius. Maybe extend that idea when making similar items for Rufus and Laurie so that there is no brotherly arguments over who's is who's. The blanket, the scarf - excellent work as usual Sue. xx


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