30 April 2013

All action in the garden

The warmer weather has certainly perked the plants up in the garden and the borders are starting to fill out. We are however, still having overnight frosts, my Castor Oil plant got caught a few days back, so this will need cutting off, but on the whole things are looking good.

The seeds I planted the other weekend have germinated and some will be ready for potting on

The apple blossom is not quite out yet so hoping it can hang on until the frosts are finished, the cherry seems not to be bothered and is putting on a show

New growth everywhere

Last year I thought my Wisteria was mainly dead as I only had one flower head and a few leaves, but no this year it is going to be a mass of blooms, must have been having a rest.  I will make sure to take some photos once we are in full bloom

Hubby is busy with the rotavator finishing the veg plot and I have finished clearing the borders of leaves and general garden rubbish.  All the edges need recutting but thats a job for another day, I have knitting to get on with


  1. Signs of life everywhere! We finally are having our first dose of sunshine and warm weather. I hope to see more blooms starting to pop up now that the weather is cooperating.

  2. The garden looks full of life! Cullen's seedlings are doing great too, he calls my mom to tell her every time there is a change in his plant. I need to post about them soon!

  3. Wow, your yard is looking beautiful. You have so many different varieties of plants. Looking forward to seeing more. :)


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