27 April 2013


Miss Chloe Harvey goes into the church...........

Mr & Mrs Liam Davison come out.....

Miss Amelie Davison - Chloe and Liam's daughter

Father of the Bride - Stephen

The weather stayed fine for the afternoon, after lots of rain and hail in the morning.  We had a great day.  Have a wonderful life together, you make a great couple

Introducing also

Miss Charlotte D'Alanno - 8 weeks old, who found it all a bit tiresome - niece to Chloe and Liam.
Daughter to Katie and Ashley
 I got to spend the evening having a cuddle, thanks Katie and Ashley.  You just have to love all that hair!


  1. Congratulations to Chloe and Liam. Wishing them many happy years together. Beautiful bride, beautiful dress, beautiful daughter and beautiful photographs. It's not often that anyone photographs the back of the dress. Glad the weather stayed fine. it was awful in the morning, as you say.

  2. What a sweet couple! And such darling little ones. I bet those two will have a wonderful friendship as they get older.

  3. Got to love a beautiful wedding, they look gorgeous!


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