14 April 2013

Weekend roundup

Well what a mixed bag of weather....

Friday we had rain, lots of rain, but I spent the day with Laurie and his Mum.  Rufus was with his Nana. Laurie has to be prised away from his mother in preparation for her going back to work, so whilst she was around I spent the day amusing him, and doing all the necessaries. It was a pleasure.

Saturday - We had a dry start but after Friday's rain it was too wet to do anything outside, so we walked into St Ives and had lunch in the pub, then wandered back, we experienced a few showers.  I didn't take my camera as I didn't think there would be anything different from last week.  The sheep and their lambs were out, so I promise I'll pop down this week and take some pictures, they are so cute. I spent the afternoon and evening knitting.  The Lusaka sweaters are finished and I also went through my stash of finished items and put together a few bits to include in my package.

I started a new project which I don't plan to tell you much about for now...... so you will just have to keep an eye on my blog for further details

Then Sunday, we woke to overnight rain, but strong warm winds.  Quick trip to the garden centre for potting and seed compost, weed and feed for the lawn, then it was out on the garden.  Peter tackled the lawn while I headed to the greenhouse and set some seeds. Runner beans, dwarf beans, climbing beans, butternut squash, sunshine squash, courgette, tomatoes, chillies, sunflowers, corn flowers, nasturtiums  cottage garden mix, basil, dahlias and fuchsias saved from last year


Mint and chives

The reward for all this hard work, was a pleasant late afternoon on the patio, with a white wine spritzer in the sun.  Cheeks hot, pink chest, it was so lovely to feel the sun, long may it last, its loooong overdue.

I hope you had a great weekend

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  1. Laurie is adorable! I'm glad you had a nice time with him. I hope all goes well when his mother goes back to work. Your knits are gorgeous, you are very talented. And you did a lot of planting, your garden should be outrageous. I look forward to seeing it as it grows. I just had a look at your "about me and mine" page; you have a beautiful family and home, and I really loved seeing your wedding photo. :)

  2. Love the baby, the black cat & the sweaters. Great pics! I have to start the seeds for the garden as well. The warm weather will get here eventually

  3. What an indulgent kitty you have, perfect for little kids. You really finished those sweaters up quickly! The children who receive them will be very lucky. I'm happy to hear that you are getting plenty of gardening finished.

  4. What a sweetheart Laurie is.
    Oh My! What a pretty package of knitted items.
    I am jealous of the green house. Next year. maybe.

  5. Love the picture of him snacking on the cat. So cute.

  6. Your finished sweaters and hats are wonderful! I enjoy reading about how much fun you have with your grandchildren. I am counting down the months until my first one arrives! :-)

  7. HA! Is he tasting the cat? Hilarious! Hopefully, the transition back to work will go well for Laurie and his mum. :-D

  8. Laurie is growing so big and strong. He'll be chasing Rufus round the house soon. :-) Your package for Lusaka will be welcomed by the Medway Craft Group - and by the mums and children in Lusaka. How are your seeds doing?


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