10 April 2013

WIP Wednesday 10 April

Work is progressing well on the Lusaka jumpers.

The first is finished apart from the buttons

The second - back done front started

I picked up these books today at the charity shop, cost me the princely sum of £1.10 ($1.69), not had a chance to look through them properly yet, but I'm sure they will be a source of inspiration.

I'm reading A Song in the Daylight by Paullina Simons

which I'm enjoying immensely, not as good as the Bronze Horseman but then its a completely different era. It must be good as I'm managing chapters at bedtime rather than my normal page, in fact forcing myself to put it down and go to sleep.

The sun is out, its 12C, the garden is calling, for more WIPs go to Tami or Ginny


  1. great find on the book. Will need to look for those.
    I see farm animal sweaters in my grandsons future.

  2. GAH! SO CUTE! I hope your grandkids save all the amazing sweaters you knit them. It's such a beautiful expression and demonstration of love to knit for a person.

  3. The sweaters are looking beautiful. I would love to have a look through those Debbie Bliss books, I always enjoy her designs.

  4. Gorgeous knits! lucky grandchildren!

  5. More sun! How wonderful! I love the jumper you've just finished, the colors and how they are arranged are perfect for a child. They both have an air of whimsy about them, perfect for running around, exploring and getting into trouble.

  6. Looks like you have been very busy! I love Paulina Simmons!

  7. Sweaters looking good - look at those books! I love nothing better than knitting finds at Charity shops...

  8. Lovely sweaters you're working. Nothing better than a stripe for fun little person sweaters.
    The book looks like fun. I know that must put the book away and sleep scenario well.
    Enjoy your projects.

  9. Just starting to catch up on the backlog of comments I am always compelled to write on your posts. Your jumpers for Lusaka are so cheery and should be welcomed by those who receive them, as should the cardi and matching hat you made from the MCG yarn. Having been away from Medway Craft Group a lot recently I didn't realise we were sending knitted goods as well as the quilts and the knitting patterns. Must get clicking. I guess you will find a lot to knit for Rufus and Laurie in those Debbie Bliss books. And what a bargain they were!


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