5 May 2013

Family and friends

This weekend has been about family, friends, food, weather and BEER

Who needs toys - this is a wind chime

He'd been out on the bicycle with Pops but wanted to keep on his helmet

The 'boys' were determined to have lunch outside despite the rain

Off to the beer fest...................

I should have taken my camera when Judy, Rufus and I went over to the pub to check on precedings.........., they left home at 1:30, got back at 8:45 and the pub is a 2 minute walk from the house.  They made short work of chilli and rice and I'm thankful that we never saw it again.

Rufus decided that 4.45am was a good time to wake in search of lost bunnies, managed to get him back to sleep til 6am.  Pops went in to see him and the first thing Rufus said to him was "you're a boozer", can't imagine who told him that!

Laurie and Co arrived mid morning to collect Rufus, here you see him trying out the John Deere trailer....

and the slide......

Morning after....

Steve is all smiles

Aunty Rachel a bit pale......

Pops jaded.............

Me tired....... did you know the dawn chorus starts at 4:30 every morning right outside our bedroom window, sigh

Peter's new friend.....

We spent a quiet afternoon in the garden, enjoying the sunshine.  I finished off this cardigan which is  Super Natural Stripes by Fawn Pea - free on Ravelry knitted in Sirdar Click Aran with Wool


We still have another day to enjoy as its a holiday weekend in the UK, the weather is looking good, so we may get out on the Harley.


  1. Your family is beautiful and it looks like you had a nice weekend! You look terrific. :)

  2. Rufus is so clever with his 'wind chime'. Girls look great. Friends look fun. And you, happy. You should bring the whole gang with you.

  3. I think a knitting needle wind chime would be a hit among fiber loving folks. :-D I love the imagination of little ones.

  4. Oh what fun! Your photos and the little ones are gorgeous. I love the cardi, great job!


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