8 May 2013

It's been a while

I've not participated in WIP Wednesday for a little while.  Not that I've not been knitting, just that I've not been in a position to share anything. You can always check out my knitting page tab to see what I've been up to.

I still have Laurie's ten stitch on the go and the frilled dress which I may or may not frog, its come up too big and will require some fiddling to sort, so it may just be easier to rip it back and use a different yarn.
So what am I working on now?  This pattern was given to me recently along with the yarn I'm using.  The pattern is Peter Pan P1093, which covers size Age 1-11 and also includes a sweater version.

The yarn is Tawny Twist n Twirl Hi-lights in pale pink - it's an acrylic double knit yarn.  Not particularly exciting, but fine for this cardigan

I am reading Lunch in Paris, enjoyable read with good recipes too. What they say:

Lunch in Paris by Elizabeth Bard is the story of how the author, an American student living in London, fell in love with her French husband and his country's cuisine. While she writes a good bit about her experiences with food, there are plenty of life's other aspects. Love, in-laws, the health care system, making friends, and politics are among the topics Bard covers in her memoir. If you enjoy food and have either been to Paris or fantasize what it's like, this is a book for you.

Next on the bedside table is Toby's Room, set in the first world war, hubby says I will enjoy it.

So there you have my WIPs for this week, for more pop over to Tami's or Ginny's


  1. thats a pretty sweater, love the yarn also..i wish i could knit sweaters...oh well, will stick to what i can do..
    book sounds good..
    have a great day..

  2. You know how excited I get when you decide to knit a pattern in white, it is such an underused color in knitting . It is also refreshing to see that you are knitting it on straight needles, I cannot remember the last time I've used straight needles.


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