16 June 2013

Party Time

Yesterday was Rufus' 3rd birthday party.  He isn't actually 3 until Tuesday, but it made more sense to have his party at the weekend.

The plan had been to have a picnic at the Gardens of Surprises at Burghley, but as usual the weather forecast wasn't playing ball.  Rebecca was lucky to be able to get the Girl Guide's Hall at short notice and only being 2 streets away, worked out fine.  Typically, the weather stayed fine but was very windy and with so many small babies in the mix would have been difficult plus the older children would have been very cold in the water. We still went with the picnic theme but indoors

Friday Rebecca had to go into work for the morning , so I had Laurie whilst Rufus was with his Nana.  To say Laurie wasn't too happy might be an understatement.

Mummy's boy!

Friday afternoon Rebecca's kitchen became cake central

A Paddington cake was requested so Rebecca decided on a suitcase.  I think you will agree a triumph. He also gets to keep the bear

We were pleased that almost all of this went

Hurrying to the 'fire'

Cutting the cake
The banana pops were a great hit
Especially with Laurie!!!

The party is over and I get most of the balloons

Post party snuggles with Aunty Rachel

Whilst he's snuggling................

Loving the orange hat

eating again

Cake anyone?
So there you have it a 3rd birthday party done and dusted. We get to do it all again in 6 weeks for Laurie's 1st birthday/naming.  This time it will be at our home, same people but with more family added to the mix.  Please pray for sun - remember Rufus' 1st party and photos here

I would just like to add that Rebecca and Tim have a lovely group of friends, so friendly and chatty, its a pleasure to be in their company.  See you all soon


  1. Happy Birthday to Rufus! Three is such a wonderful age. I loved that stage with my kids. And I must say that is the cutest cake I have ever seen!

  2. Happy Birthday Rufus! Three already! Have a great day. Hope you enjoyed your party and that superb cake. Looked like everybody had a great time.

  3. Happy birthday Rufus. The party looks lke it was a great time. And the cake looks wonderful!

  4. Happy Birthday to Rufus! Looks like a lovely party. The cake is adorable!

  5. That is such a pretty cake! Were the kids able to eat the fondant? I hated it when I was little, I wanted the sweet cake, not the bitter frosting. Definitely looks like a successful party, although the adults involved must be exhausted!


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